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When compared to other programming languages Java is an easy to use, easy to write, compile debug and learn. It is widely being used in the IT world as it is object oriented, platform-independent language. Because of its language robustness, cross-platform capabilities, ease of usage and security features Java became the most chosen language for offering worldwide Internet solutions.

BigLeap is zealous in Java Development. BigLeap offers a comprehensive suite of open source solutions that assists to create suitable way of business with increased productivity and decreased time loss.

On the Software Development Planning (SDP) stage, we diagnose several options picking out the one that gives the best functionality at lowest cost. BigLeap has a extensive team of Java Professionals with experience in J2EE/ Java programming services like:

J2EE Application Server
      IBM WebSphere
     JBoss Application Server .

Web and User Interface
      Tag Libraries

Java Programming
     Java Servlets
      Server Side Components
     Java Beans
      Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
      Multi-threaded programming

     J XML Integration with non-Java platforms
      Support for both Windows and Unix platforms
     JDBC connectivity
      Java Messaging Services (JMS)
      Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
      Core and Networking APIs