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Terminal Server


Terminal server is a distinguished computer that offers an alternative of multiple communication channels at one point. This offers you a extra benefit of a two-way model that allows multiples entities link to a single resource and a single entity link to multiple resources.

Terminal server computing can also be termed as concentrated computing. Centralized computing is a present-day model for Linux desktop to multiple user terminals, in modern terms is also known as Thin Client. Client of a terminal server is defined as Thin Client, which is also known as X terminals. Thin clients are low powered lack a hard disk and are much smoother than desktop computers.

LTSP is an affordable solution that has typical tractability that enhances businesses and organizations all over the world to deploy desktop devices. Thin clients and legacy PCs can be used to surf the Internet, create documents, send e-mail and efficiently run other desktop applications from Windows as well as Linux servers.

LTSP provides in bettering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and also provides increased value over traditional computing solutions. The Linux thin clients are very dependable as viruses and tampering is non-existent. It is distributed under the GNU General Public License, which is free.

Linux Terminal Server Package (LTSP) is an improver package for Linux that allows you to link, number of thin client terminals to a Linux server. It is well fitting for any organization where people are working on basic usage like Desktop Processing, Mailing client, Internet Access and Common Utilities. BigLeap offers installation and maintenance solution of thin clients using LTSP.