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Linux and open source are shredding the interest charts for most IT professionals.

Linux, or more correctly a Linux distribution, is a combination of around 5000 open source software packages. Open source software like Linux (and Apache et al) is available free of license costs. Then why pay attention to overpriced, underperforming proprietary platforms while enterprise impulse towards flexible, open infrastructures is booming up.

By our Linux Migration services, we ensure that our customers keep their systems current, managed, and secured with Linux Network. From development, to deployment, to management--our expertise are always at your reach.

By transforming your infrastructure, we can further optimize it through:






The Linux Advantage

Linux Infrastructure makes IT more flexible and better aligned to your goals. Linux delivers numerous business advantages, such as:

       Scalability: Linux can now scale from the smallest devices to the biggest n-way systems and mainframes.

       Leverage: Linux is the only platform which allows you any real leverage with your service recipients.

       ROI: Save costs while subsequently upgrading Linux platform. Linux takes on the merits over Microsoft in the following comparisons.

       The direct cost comparison

       The indirect transitioning costs

       The retraining costs of staff and technical support

       The cost of supporting legacy systems

       The ongoing support costs

       The perceived vs. real risk to the business

BigLeap engrafting LINUX brigade

BigLeap has organized an operation to become a Linux Strategy for the future. In order to be credible to those contemplating the change, BigLeap is itself a committed Linux user and implemented Linux in our day to day business.

As a result of our experience, we have developed an approach to training and implementation that minimizes the concern of transitioning to the new Linux environment.

       Equipment Supply: Servers, Desktops, UPS, Laptops & PDA's

       Networking: W.A.N & L.A.N

       Equipment Support: Break-Fix, Managed Service, Remote System Monitoring and Management

       Application Development: LMS, Educational Resource Management (ERM), Digital Library etc

       Data Centre Optimization

       Project and Resource Management