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BigLeap provides top performance, real value and significant cost savings infrastructure services and solution for the education industry.

We examine your need of IT infrastructure, and show where enhancements to organizational functionality can be reached through emerging technologies and applications. All our solutions are characterized by a live and flexible platform on which various Microsoft® Windows® and Linux operating systems can be hosted.

Our Infrastructure deployment and cycle of planning, developing, executing, and adoption, are guided by continuous measurement based surveillance.

We manage and deliver solutions that cover all stages of the IT life cycle. From conception to development, implementation and to maintenance and support, we develop solutions throughout an extensive range of environments, delivering a wide range of applications & segments. We have consistently pioneered applications of new technology in the following services:

       Data backup and Restore

       Open Source Consulting and Development

       Migration Services

       Database Administration and Storage Services

       Internet & Intranet Services

       System Integration

       Application Development

       Web Design & Multimedia

       Hardware/ Peripheral Sales and Services

       E-Governance Solutions

       Security Solutions System Maintenance & Upgradation

       Network Management and Administration

       Server Management and Administration

       Disaster Recovery

       IT-Asset Management

       Legacy Application Re-Engineering

       Mobile Applications Development


Our infrastructure services enable clients to realize the real value of their IT investments, and how they can and provide benefit. Our services in the following areas help clients exploit maximum benefit from technology:

       Data Centre Architecture & Design

       Disaster Recovery Strategy & Design

       Network strategy review and cost optimization

Our solutions cover:

Hardware - from Linux/Microsoft servers, desktops, UPS and laptops through to specialized storage technology, we offer a comprehensive range of hardware solutions designed to meet any organizational need.

Operating systems - Linux/Windows

Resilience solutions provide uninterrupted data availability for the data centre, office bound and mobile employees.

Infrastructure & Security

providing "green field" or next steps advice, services and support around your infrastructure and security issues such as exchange upgrades, firewalls, perimeter security and two factor authentications.

The strategic move of creating IT infrastructure for you

Our Infrastructure Services includes managed sourcing for desktops, voice and data networks and data centre services, all with a single service provision and commercial structure.

The aim of the solution is to help you enjoy improved service delivery and provide more predictable success. Schools and Colleges will be able to reduce complexity, achieving greater adaptability and flexibility through their IT and communication networks.