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Open Source Adoption


Business Readiness Index is an undertaking allowing Enterprises take a calculated decision on whether there organization is prepared to adopt Open source in various Infrastructure solution and Business solution section.

Organizations are looking at applying Open source in their enterprises, but are not sure whether the application that they are considering it is business ready, and whether their organization will get a proper Return On Investment and low TCO while acquiring the applications. The indexes such as BRI which judge Open source projects on different parameters give a trusted, indifferent view on constancy of Open source applications.

We would like to know if an organization is ready for the Business Readiness of Open Source application, which is evaluated on basis of various parameters like:

     Whether the software is capable to integrate with the current software's running in the organization in terms of data portability, usability etc.

     Is the organization getting a proper return on investment in short run and long period and over long period when they adopt this technology?

     Whether the organization is capable to execute the software at low Total Cost of Ownership with respect to the competing solution.