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Eneterprise Resource Planning


Enterprise resource planning helps in integrating all sections and functions within a company in a single computer system that attends to specific needs of different sections.

ERP can be defined as back-office software and does not run the up-front selling process. When the customer service representative enters the customer order in the ERP system, he has admittance to all the needed information such as customer's rating, company's inventory levels etc.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in the first place denotes systems designed to plan the use of enterprise-wide resources. Although the signifier ERP originated in the manufacturing environment, in today's world ERP systems has much broader scope.

BigLeap has always been a supporter of Open Source technologies. BigLeap's ERP has been specially developed for SME's and is being utilized in live setting. It has all the basic modules e.g. Marketing, Purchase, and Order processing, Stores, Production, Excise & Accounts. Many clients are already harvesting rich profits from it.

Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs) merge all data and processes of an organization into an integrated system. A typical ERP system uses multiple ingredients of computer software and hardware to carry out the integration. A key factor of most ERP systems is the use of a integrated database to store data for various system modules.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) bears a database containing:


     Supply Chain Management



     Human Resource

     Customer Relationship Management

     Data Warehouse

SME Organizations with international and domestic rendering, through multiple transitions would do good to the most from this type of technology.


     This technology is web based and can be obtained from anywhere in the world via secure VPN.

     Linux based Server no licensing fees.

     MySQL based, one of the solidest open source databases disposable, for which no license fees needs to be paid.

     Porting Option for any database

     Independent Platform for all major browsers.

     Takes minimal resources.

     Supports multiple companies.

     User based hallmark.

     Transaction Log user peculiar.

     Can blend CRM & SCM further to incorporate with suppliers and clients

     Source code with the client, so not a vendor dependent solution.

Advantages offered by Bigleap

     Our ERP solutions provide towering functional ratio by facilitating bigger integration and concentrate attention on suitable demands of businesses.

     Our ERP solutions help in rising business sensibility with the help of fast and efficient applications and agile IT architecture.

     Our industry made-to-order application helps in accelerating delivery times, greatly cutting project risks and setting & hoisting the process fast.

ERP Customization Services

BigLeap helps in constructing an ERP package that can be very reliable and affordable. ERP packages are designed to substantiate customization, so that virtually businesses execute the best practices embedded in the adopted ERP system. Some ERP packages are very comprehensive in their reports and researches, such that customization is foretold in every execution. It is significant to distinguish that for these packages it often makes sense to buy third party plug-ins that interface well with your ERP software rather than quickening the wheel.

Customization work is usually undertaken as indicated software development on a time and materials basis. Because of the specialist nature of the customization and the 'happening' facet of the work, it is usual to pay in the order of per hour for this work.