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Customer Relationship Management


Customer Management Systems amend contact, efficiency and potency when adopting, supporting, selling and managing customers. CRM gains companies to benefit from marketing campaigns, speedy marketing and improved customer service.

CRM is widely used to confront challenges like competitive business, innovation and boosted resource utilizations. It also allows businesses to get early warning signs of competitive advances.


There are basically three aspects of CRM which can each be implemented in isolation from each other:

   Operational CRM

Operational CRM offers support to "front office" business processes, including sales, marketing and service. Each interaction with a customer is generally added to a customer's contact history, and staff can regain information on customers from the database when in need.

The main gain of this contact history is that customers can communicate with different people or different contact channels in a company over time period without having to take over the history of their communication each time.

Therefore, many call centers and BPOs CRM software to support their call centre agents.

   Collaborative CRM

Collaborative CRM covers the direct interaction with customers. This can include a variety of channels, such as internet, email, automated phone (Automated Voice Response AVR). It can generally be equated with self service.

The objectives of Collaborative CRM can be broad, including cost reduction and service improvements.

   Analytical CRM

Analytical CRM examines customer data for a variety of intentions including.

       Design and implementation of aimed marketing campaigns to powering marketing effectiveness.

       Design and implementation of particular customer campaigns, including customer acquirement, cross-selling, up-selling, holding.

       Analysis of customer conduct to help product and service decision making (e.g. pricing, new product development etc.)

       Management decisions, e.g. financial estimation and customer lucrativeness analysis

       Forecasting of the probability of customer defection (churn).

     Analytical CRM generally makes wide application of predictive analytics.

BigLeap allows customers evaluate their CRM demands based on company, size, competitive environment and strategic goals. T