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BigLeap Softwares Collaborative Development Environment

Collaborative Development Environment


A collaborative development (CDE) is essentially a practical space in which entities of a particular project meet, insight, share, discuss, pull off or labor together. It has been seen that there is a certain pattern of behavior in hyper-productive teams. The popularity of the web as a multiplication of an important medium of interaction along with new dimension added to the work culture due to outsourcing as well as off shore development and integration of the third party software has been responsible for the development of web centric service directed architectures.

Open source projects are stipulated by their distributed developers, receptiveness and a use of a community-based development process. booming open source projects such as Apache, Linux and PHP have a web based collaborative development environment (CDE) that provides source code repository access, knowledge management, discussion lists, bug tracking and user support.

Any organization working on projects would need sure tools to deal entire development life cycle of project. BigLeap solutions let in GForge, Collaborative Development Environment and Source Code Repository & Knowledge Management that can implemented as per the necessity of the company.

BigLeap offers execution and support services on GForge, an Open Source Collaborative Development Environment (CDE). GForge has tools to help teams collaborate, create and control access to Source Code Management archives like CVS and Subversion, Manage file releases, Document Management, News Announcements, Task Management and more.