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     SIS Features

Base Product Features

Grade Book

The Grade Book is a fully integrated component of Student Information System. The SIS Grade Book dynamically uses student information database and provides extensive grading support, including the definition of any number of grade types, automatic weighting of grades, calculation of final grades and production of progress reports. The standard report shows all students, assignments, grades — including averages, possible points and percentages — along with comments. Report can be generated for each student.

The SIS Grade Book allows you quickly and easily access student's grades and this information can be used for a student's reference or to send to parents as a progress report. The printable reports in PDF can be used as part of regular communication with parents and the number of below-average and failing grades can be lessened dramatically.


The SIS includes scheduling module with which you can create the most workable, efficient student, teacher and class schedules. These schedules can be accessed by keywords of school, classroom, teacher, term, date or student. Multiple terms, course lengths and class-period blocking are supported, and simultaneous multiple schedule versions can be created.

It allows mass update and lets you move groups of students automatically and the conflict matrix helps you resolve scheduling conflicts quickly and easily.


The SIS generates robust and comprehensive reports that the users can obtain with their specific criteria.

The reports are customizable to meet your specific needs. Reports can be printed or e-mailed and assigned to specific users. You can analyze and report data from Student Information, Finance applications, and other sources. You can easily create custom, drag-and-drop reports or use predesigned templates specific to your conveniences.

Student Demographics

The SIS provides you with fast and easy access to core student information in one place.

With a click of a button, users drill down to a full range of details on a student:

         Student data, including parent names and phone numbers, and emergency contact information

         Enrollment, including school, teacher, grade level, counselor, etc

         Scheduling, including today's schedule or the full term schedule

         Attendance history

         Transcript information, including class rank and grade point average


         Discipline history

         Grade history

         Test scores

You can include any number of other information by creating custom fields

Report Card

The Report Card offers extra grade types so grades can be assigned to multiple parts of one course. Teachers can also write comments that can be spell-checked and printed on the report card. The cards can be shared online among teaching teams.

Health Records

The SIS Health Records module provides a complete health history of all students, including immunizations, allergies, medications, visits to the nurse's office and other health concerns.

Recording of nurse's visits and health concerns is easy and quick, and daily logs show nurse's office visits by individual and by school. Separate health and nurse's notes can be maintained with access restricted to authorized users. Health information stays with a student's record permanently.


The SIS Attendance module provides many easy and flexible approaches to marking and reporting daily and period attendance.

Student attendance records for a class, period, week, month, term or year can be viewed quickly. Attendance can be directly marked online from the classroom or by using attendance forms for processing by other staffs.

Contact Information

The SIS allows you to add contact information for parents, relatives and authorized individuals. While adding or at a later time you can designate legal guardian, bus stops and associate parents with students enabling automatic access to the SIS parent portal.

Parent Portal

The SIS includes a parent portal that allows parents to track their children’s grades, attendance, discipline and more using the same intuitive web interface.