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     What is SIS?

The Student Information System (SIS), a comprehensive solution creates an integrated information technology environment for students, parents, HOD, faculty, Staff and administration. It is a web-based self-service environment for students, parents, prospective students, and employees; an administrative transaction processing environment for university staff to conduct day-to -day business; an information environment for all levels of faculty and staff to do reporting, data extraction, and information analysis. It controls all the different processes & procedures involved from admission till certification of students in educational institutions. From simple student portfolio to a complex open communication channel SIS facilitates synchronization between departments and people with information and helps institutions be efficient.

You can meet your growing needs with our comprehensive student information system. SIS has an easy-to-use, and steadily integrated School/College administration functionalities that can save a huge part of your time spending on administrative tasks so you can concentrate on improving academic performance. SIS will take in your several and critical data, process them, and generate accurate reports. All different forms of information are easily and securely accessible to the users at any point of time. SIS acts as a data repository of student and course information.

With SIS you can build a strong network between colleges, schools, University/Board, and student/staff community. The SIS creates a platform for Management, Teachers, Students and Parents to constantly interact with and thus all these four elements of an educational system go together towards prospering academic achievements. It starts from a simple student portfolio to a complex open communication channel which facilitates synchronization between the four elements with information and helps institutions be efficient and effective.

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