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BigLeap Live Help Solutions

How It works?

Once visitors enter your website they can simply press the live chat button and begin chatting with your sales staff instantly. As soon as a visitor requests a chat, your salespersons computer beeps indicating that they are ready to chat. BigLeap Live Chat can help you to quickly identify who your customers are, what they want and how best to serve them. You can now integrate BigLeap Live Chat into your website in minutes allowing your staff to begin interacting with your website visitors today. There is a well accepted fact in the sales world: Visitors who chat are likely to return to your site.

STEP 1: A Visitor opens your website

A visitor comes to your website seeking information about your product or service

STEP 2: Visitor seeks Live Help

Visitor clicks the live chat button for live help.

STEP 3: Prechat survey completed

You have the option to setup a prechat survey whereby the visitor completes some personal details before entering the chat. BigLeap Live Chat clients have found this to be a very valuable way to generate customers details.

STEP 4: Customer service representative notified

As soon as the visitor enters the chat your customer service representative(s) are notified that there is a visitor waiting to chat. *Please note you can choose any staff member you wish to receive visitors. This is generally a receptionist or customer service staff member.

STEP 5: Visitor receives welcome message from the operator

Using a canned response system it is also possible to save message templates so that common messages and answers to FAQs can be sent without having to type them each time.

STEP 6: The operator receives the visitors query in real time

The time and cost savings are huge as queries can be answered in real time instead of several emails over a few days/weeks.

STEP 7: The visitor thanks the operator for his help