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BigLeap Live Chat Features

Operator Interface

Multiple Simultaneous Chat Sessions

BigLeap Live Chat allows its operators to handle any number of chat sessions simultaneously. Each session runs in a separate room tab in the Operator Console. Operators can accept or ignore incoming chat request by clicking on "Accept" or "Ignore" button in the room tab


Operators can add a personal touch to their messages and make support experience friendlier for visitors.

Proactive Chat

Operators can invite website visitors to chat in private, one-on-one sales and support environment.

Assign Operators

Operators can be assigned to several departments to maximize productivity and improve quality of service. If the customer chooses preferred department on the start chat form, only operators assigned to that department will be receiving the call.

Transferable Calls

This eliminates the inability of BigLeap Live Chat operators to answer specific questions of a visitor. If one operator is not able to answer he or she can bring other operators into his/her line of chat or hand over conversations to other operators for additional help.

Automatic Emailing of Chat Transcripts

BigLeap Live Chat can improve customer service by automatically emailing the chat transcripts to one or more address for later review or adding to the knowledge base.

Push Hyperlinks

The operator can sent visitors directly to web page or web site he/she wants to show them. In case the visitor is interested in a certain product just push the web page containing that product, and the page will pop up immediately for them.

Force/ Send Images

The operator can send images of their products etc to the visitor. He/she need not send the visitor to the location to view the image.

Force Chat

Operator can force a chat upon the visitor. He can popup the chat screen directly to visitors (these can be blocked by popup blockers).

Visual Alerts and Sound Alerts

Operators will be informed by visuals and/or sound alerts. If any visitor requests for a chat, a ring sound and a popup on the window will notify the operator immediately about visitor chat request.

Visitor History

Site operators can identify whether the visitor is new or has visited the site before. He /She can view any chats that the user has had in the past, chat date and chat time. This helps the operator to know what kind of queries the visitor has had in the past. This is also useful when a chat is transferred and the new assigned representative wants to know what kind of information was supplied to the visitor.

Efficiency Control

Canned Response Manager

Operators can set a number of predefine responses, on simple selections inserted in the chat box. Canned responses help representatives to answer quickly without re-typing a message repeatedly. This saves a lot of time, increase operator productivity and standardize the chat sessions.

The canned manager can store:


The operator can send decorated text to the visitor. This feature brings a little flare into the conversation with different colors, font types and sizes.


Frequently used images can also be stored in the canned manager for operators ease. The operator need not waste time in looking for images of his products again on his website. He can send images just at the click of a button.

Web Links

Operators can store web links in the canned response manager.

Site Monitoring

Operators have an instant access to the profile of the visitor containing computer information and navigation information.

Operators can see the pages the site visitor has viewed before and from which page he/she has come to chat. This can help operators target their welcome message better.

Agents can know the total time spent by a visitor on the website.

Referral Information

With this feature, operators can see how each visitor has reached the website - whether through a search engine or a link. This information helps to plan effective marketing strategies and lets you know the best place for your advertising.


Add and View Departments

The Administrator can Add new departments and also View all the departments.

Add & View Operators

The Administrator can Add new operators department wise and also view all the logged in operators. He can keep a check on his operators in terms of their login time, online offline status etc.