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OLeap HRM On-Demand

OLeap HRM On-Demand is on ground with and as Software as a Service (SaaS) model, providing you with a comprehensive software application through a secure Internet browser. With OLeap HRM On-Demand you are able to find ease in the multi-faceted responsibility of managing human resources - and more crucial role in the competition for hiring and retaining good employees. It allows multiple users to access from different locations and to manage the HRM components: from payroll to benefits to more complex HR compliance.

If you feel that buying and owning software, which requires up-front capital, in-house IT resources and maintenance, and often complex training, you are so much appreciated to take advantage on OLeap HRM On-Demand.

You can rely upon OLeap HRM to drive mission-critical functions, such as HR systems, which includes employee data, payroll processing, benefits administration, recruiting, performance management, time and attendance, strategic workforce analysis, and organizational planning.

Benefits of OLeap HRM On-Demand

     Convenience and 24/7 Web-access from anywhere

     Expert system maintenance, management, and upgrades without dedicated in-house IT resources and complex training

     Greater functionality than licensed software or service bureau

     Greater responsiveness and control in managing employee data and processes

     Improved strategic planning and decision making

     Freedom from following specific service bureau schedules

     Improved strategic planning and decision making

     Instant, current data analysis and reports - anywhere, anytime

     Cost savings and measurable ROI

     More efficient, leaving more time to focus on a company's core business objectives

     Security and confidentiality of employee data

     Ability to leverage and use latest technologies without having to support them internally