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OLeap ERP On-Demand

OLeap ERP On-Demand is an On-line product with advanced features for any kind of industries ranging through product distributors including serialized inventory; pick, pack and ship; matrix items; units of measure; bar coding; and quantity pricing. It is an ERP / CRM solution with integrated ecommerce. OLeap ERP can generate a database-driven Website automatically; can host Web pages; and can draw on inventory data, pricing data and other information held in the application.

      Automate and Organize Business Processes with Greater Adaptability

     Improved Productivity with a Role-Based Solution and Centralized Information

      Extend Collaboration to All Value Chain Partners

     Improve Decision Making with Strategic Business Insight

The idea of having a single hosted solution for multiple application is now realized with OLeap ERP On-Demand. It takes the face of applications for; accounting, sales and customer contacts website / web store. With OLeap ERP all these business functions are handled in one, completely integrated product. In OLeap ERP the complete, comprehensive business cycle flows.

OLeap ERP On-Demand presents Software as a Service; there is no large, up-front license fee. OLeap ERP substitutes multiple software products for running various functions of a company's front-office and back-office and saves costs.