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OLeap ERP Features

OLeap ERP is an end - to - end system helping you attain operational excellence, by simplifying, standardizing, and automating business processes in your organization. It also lets you achieve a high level of customer service - while reducing operating costs. You can then run your business more flexibly, from suppliers to customers, irrespective of changes in the industry, market and in demand.

The OLeap ERP application provides a strong base for business excellence and innovation for any type of industry. The OLeap ERP solution helps your organization to maintain operational excellence in all key areas -- procurement and logistics execution, product development and manufacturing, sales, and service.

You can free up resources and budget from day-to-day operations and invest more in innovation. You can then create a real competitive advantage, prepare for the future, and become a best-run business over the long term.

The features of OLeap ERP that makes it stand out are:

     Master Data Management

     Production & Planning


     Inventory Control

     Sales and Marketing

     Finance and Accounting

     Employee Payroll and Tracking

     Customer Tracking

     Business Intelligence(Reminders)

     Reports Generation

Master Data Management

Master Data Management allows you to better manage the data pertaining to your products, components, bills of materials, vendors, employees, customers, etc. These important elements are managed systematically, ensuring a steady progress of your organization.

With OLeap ERP you are able to:

     Organize and consolidate the company's most vital data accurately.

     Ensure the coherence and tracking of organizational procedures.

     Ensure free and easy access of information anytime and anywhere in the network

     Global operations become more effective

     Make information flow among teams fast and easy

     Simplify the coordination of everyday processes of the company

     Organize the business operations

     Reduce operation costs

     Increase Customer and employee satisfaction level

Production & Planning

OLeap ERP has a centralized automated system to control the production planning activities. It is a useful tool in resource management, in scheduling and tracking the parts of productions.

OLeap ERP helps to create tentative Production plans for a year or a month. A perfect production-planning module can really assist you in your production planning.

The unique features of Production planning Module are:

     It Increases your production efficiency and reduces unwanted expenses and downtime

     Optimizes the resources and utilizes them effectively

     Professionally reduces scheduling problems

     Synchronizes production & raw materials with demand

     Materials Requirement Planning and Materials Resource Planning

     Optimizes the utilization of manufacturing capacity, Parts, components and material resources using historical data

     Forecasts approximate Sales.

      Builds detailed production plans and define interdependencies.

      Calculates maintenance and tracks costs.


OLeap ERP Purchasing module streamlines availability of required resources and raw materials; coordinates the inventory control, supply chain management, and production planning modules. It organizes automation of the processes of identifying available suppliers, price negotiations, issuing purchase order to suppliers and billing processes.

Purchasing module helps you to reduce:

     Inventory to minimum required

     Material and inventory costs

     The manual purchasing process

     The cost per transaction of issuing a purchase order and receiving the products

OLeap ERP helps you to automate:

     The reordering of stock inventory

     Time and details of material receipts, to attain just-in-time production targets

     The formal process of purchasing, receiving and accounts payable

     Integrate to accounts payable and inventory control

     Monitor vendor performance for meeting delivery dates and quality

     Produce Material Requisitions and Purchase Orders with a minimum of data entry

     Systematic comparison of an invoice to goods received

Inventory Control

OLeap ERP inventory control module is a powerful tool to help organizations to analyze inventory trends and to set appropriate stock levels. It helps to replenish the warehouses. The Inventory Control Module is closely integrated with sales, purchase and finance modules which facilitate the generation of a vigilant executive level report.

The activities of inventory control involve:

     Individual inventory cost methods: FIFO, LIFO, and Average

     Maintaining the necessary level of stock in the warehouse

     Identifying inventory requirements

     ISetting targets

     Providing replenishment techniques and options

     Monitoring item usages

     Reconciling the inventory balances

     Reporting inventory status

     Reducing service inventory costs

In addition to the above mentioned activities inventory control module also takes part in Customer Service, Contracts, Scheduling & Dispatching, Mobility, Partner Management, Logistics, Billing and Reporting.

Sales and Marketing

Revenues from sales are live blood for commercial organizations. Sales module implements functions of order placement, order scheduling, shipping and invoicing. Sales module is closely integrated with organizations' ecommerce websites. Many ERP vendors offer online storefront as part of the sales module. ERP marketing module supports lead generation, direct mailing campaign and more. The main features are:

     Customer order management system

     Document tracking facility

     Chronological document management

     Integrated sales document management system

     Effective reporting and delivery plans

These documents include all business activities, from the making of an offer through order and delivery note to the invoice.

Wide range of marketing options are also available. With marketing module it is possible to create mailings, supports lead generation, direct mailing campaign and more with various selection options, including customer type or type of crop a customer is growing.

Finanace and Accounting

Any company's key instrument of growth is its organized financial system, which allows you to monitor financial activity as it is going on, analyze, and learn from your history. In addition, it must be able to handle your entire financial management system, and increase productivity. It should also be an aid in looking forward, as well as offering strategic directions.

Both commercial organizations and non-profit organizations benefit from the implementation of OLeap ERP financial module. It is the core of many OLeap ERP software systems.

     Assemble financial data from various departments

     Generates valuable financial reports

     Entire operational and financial accounting

     Sales ledger includes debt collections

     individual reporting for business units

     Many levels of cost analyses

     Report generator for balance sheet, general ledger, trail balance, and quarterly financial statements, etc.


     Customizable screen and report layouts

     Report generator for balance sheet, general ledger, trail balance, and quarterly financial statements, etc.,

Employee Payroll and Tracking

HR (Human Resources) is another widely implemented ERP module. HR module streamlines the management of human resources and human capitals. HR modules routinely maintain a complete employee database including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation and promotion of all employees. Advanced HR module is integrated with knowledge management systems to optimally utilize the expertise of all employees. The main features are:

     Maintain Employee

     Employee Departments

     Employee payroll


Customer Tracking

ERP customer tracking module is tracking all customers efficiently. The sales rep can consult the customers and he can conform the customer who interested in sales to the company. The customer complaints can track, so the customer satisfaction is improving here. The main features are:

     Customer conformation

     Maintain customers

     Customer complaints


Business Intelligence(Reminders)

Nowadays, more than ever, business firms need to review and react to challenges quickly. To gain that competitive edge organizations are turning to IT solutions to provide the necessary information to the decision makers. OLeap ERP business intelligence Module provides essential business intelligence that supports every stage of the order lifecycle. The knowledge held within business units can be coordinated to produce an automated, visual representation of the actual situation, eliminating the problem of trying to synchronize figures across multiple systems. Business Intelligence Module enables effective stock management, demand and process planning, Just-In-Time (J.I.T) supply and delivery scheduling, documentation management and management reporting. Graphic representation of profit and loss areas, comparison of estimated costs against actual costs and statistical analysis of the entire order procedure is instantly available as a result of the real-time functionality of the system.

      Monitor the state of the company

      Get the information when needed

      Improve decision-making process

      Drive better the company's overall growth and scale

      Increase effectiveness by letting decision makers to quickly access data and leverage the knowledge of others

      Boost the level of consciousness to what's happening now and providing time to respond to immediate business needs.

      Share and centrally manage best logical practices for a more obvious understanding and single version of the fact

      Conduct Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), which "Drilling down" on various data dimensions to gain a more detailed view of the data.

Provide predefined, balanced scorecard which allows verifying, through the monitoring of a series of key indicators.

Nowadays, business organizations handle a great deal of data in the practice of their business activities. This does not necessarily mean that all information required to manage the business is available. The integrated Business Intelligence component of OLeap ERP fills this gap! The predefined, balanced scorecard will allow you to verify, through the monitoring of a series of key indicators, if your business strategy is being correctly implemented in the organization.

Reports Generation

The different kinds of reports that are generated in OLeap ERP are:

     Receivables/Customer Reports

     Customer Quotes Forms

     Sales Order Forms

     Invoice and Packing Slips Forms

     Customer Credit Memos Forms

     Payables/Vendor Reports

     Bank Check Forms

     Inventory Reports

     Human Resources Reports

     Manufacturing Reports

     Banking Reports

     Deposit Slips Forms