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Why OLeap CART?

The main features of OLeap CART that makes it stand out are:

Intuitive interface

Administering your shop requires no special skills or programming knowledge. All you need to know is how to use a browser. OLeap Cart interface is easy to comprehend and can be used by any one in your team or a company. It was built to be simple and easy to use every day.

No programming required

You do not need to know single command in PHP or HTML to work with OLeap CArt Shop-Script. All you need is a web browser and to follow installation instructions. Only if present functionality is unsuitable for some reason, or if you require customization for a particular purpose (e.g. integrating missing payment module), would you need programming skills. You can change the look of your store by using the built in visual theme editor. Most editing is done by dragging-and-dropping of the page elements, and element properties (e.g. color or placement) are edited in pop-up menus. You also have full control of page elements through direct editing of cascading style sheet (CSS) files.


The ECOM solution can be deployed and you can start working on it within a few days of your order. The product is ready to use and customers do not have to wait for months before they can accept delivery. Anyone who is interested can view the demo and if found happy with its functionality can have it working in their offices within a short period of time.

Multi-user backend

Now you can add many store administrators to access store backend. Each user can be grant individual access rights. For example, you can allow one user only to check and process orders, another to edit design template and change general settings, and yet another to input new products info and translate it.

Increased performance

We made a lot of source code optimization which decreased the number of queries to SQL server and increased performance of storefront and backend. We tested software on a dedicated server with 1 000 000 products, 50 000 categories and 50 000 orders. Performance of the software almost does not change with the increase of number of products (only product search by name and description slows down on high volume databases). OLeap CArt Shop-Script is a complex system, and of course it requires certain system resources to run smoothly. We still continue to optimize software and with each update.

Automated on-demand software updates

This is not a feature of your storefront, however it is a great new benefit. We can now deliver software updates to you quickly using built-in update tools you can view latest changes that we made with the software (a detailed list of new features) and can install updates by a couple of clicks (no manual files download and copying required). Changes made to initial design templates via built-in editor are kept when you update your scripts. As in previous versions, changes to core PHP code are not transferable.

Improved information pages management

Previous versions required editing of the HTML template when adding new general info pages (About us, Delivery, How to order, etc.). Now links to such pages appear in storefront automatically. You can use single predefined segment or create more if necessary where links to info pages will be presented. These links can also be turned on and off as necessary.

User-friendly URLs

Instead of strange looking and hard to remember addresses your pages will have comprehensible plain language names, e.g. /product/pet-hair-dryer/. Page names are automatically generated based on product name.