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OLeap ECart - Role Based

How Oleap ECart is used by different class of personnels of an organisation is briefly mentioned below:

Marketers and Merchandisers

OLeap Cart provides you with the ability to move inventory quickly and profitably online. It allows you to do many things well: You can attract high-value prospects. You can inspire loyal, repeat business, by staying agile enough to adapt to customers' fickle preferences.

With OLeap Cart, you will start acquiring new customers systematically across different e-channels. You'll get in close touch with each and every online customer well enough to pass them on to the shopping experience and merchandise they're most likely to want. Your business users are able to respond promptly - with less need to depend on IT for every update - because they will gain the direct control over all catalog and Web store management tools. OLeap Cart provides you with the e-commerce platform, application to pay off a relevant and consistent customer experience - dealing interactions over the Web, phone, chat, mobile devices, and even stores as one continuous, ongoing relationship.

Business Benefits

You can tone up your online brand and apace inventory logistics.

Advanced content targeting and personalization capabilities and unique segment-based Web marketing, promotion management, and cross-selling/up-selling functionality

Integrate Web marketing and email campaigns with your Web store content.

View personalized search results pages and optimize your merchandising strategy

Provide merchandisers direct control over the Web store with simple to use content and catalog management tools.

Integrate reporting, analytics, and testing tools.

A highly scalable and reliable e-commerce software platform, with high uptime performance