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OLeap CART On-Demand

OLeap Cart is a solution that provides your business with an integrated E-Commerce store designed to grow revenue by increasing the number of sales and the value of each sale. It is completely integrated to your backend inventory and sales management, so that you can grow your E-Commerce sales with limited number of employees performing manual data entry in multiple applications. OLeap Cart is integrated with all the functional areas of your business -Accounting, Sales, Inventory, Fulfillment, Purchasing, Customer Service. Information entered once, flows through all your processes and you can view them throughout the system. Up-to-date inventory and sales order data allows you to respond quickly to new orders while customers self-service order status, updates, shipping and tracking.

With single-click Web publishing you can easily publish items on your Website without having to know HTML programming. Built-in intelligence allows you to create up selling and cross-selling at check out, and increase the average sale, by recommending accessories and add-ons other customers have purchased with products. After capturing the customer information, OLeap Cart's integrated CRM will provide the tools to keep customers returning to your Website.

High-end functionality like product attribute filtering, multiple product images, and kit configurations give the appearance of an expensive solution, but come at a remarkably affordable price for small business.

The advantages of OLeap CART On-Demand

OLeap Cart On-Demand is the online platform that improves on the traditional limitations of e-commerce. As a company grows, OLeap Cart On-Demand modules can be adopted seamlessly without abandoning your previous investment. OLeap Cart On-Demand offers an easy method for unifying and concurrently going b2b, b2c, procurement and CMS all on a single foundation.

OLeap Cart On-Demand optimizes efficiency with lower investments through:

     centralized management of all online commerce initiatives

     powerful business process management

     integrated content management

     seamless integration with back-office systems through native connectors

     flexible, open, standards-based architecture and complete developer support

     multiple language and currency support

     web services support

The benefits for your company

The OLeap stacks come along with hosted/On-Demand services that are very well received by many successful organizations. Our On-demand solutions include implementation, maintenance, training, support and application management services delivered by expert professionals of BigLeap, who are trusted by various industries for their year long interactions with diverse clientele. BigLeap as your success partner provides integration and customization services and on-site hand-holding to enable a quick and productive ramp-up. As an end user you can accesses our applications through a web browser and pay a monthly per-user cost.

Accessing our On-Demand service means reaping the following benefits and more:

     Faster implementation and ramp-up time to productive use of applications

     Lower upfront and ongoing costs

     No additional IT infrastructure for servers, networks, and storage and IT resources to support these

     Frequent automatic upgrades: No need to upgrade the software get the latest versions of the OLeap CART automatically.

     No additional IT application support staff

     Guaranteed service-level agreements (SLAs)

BigLeap provides an enterprise-class infrastructure with appropriate servers, networking, and storage systems, and allows you for regular and more frequent application upgrades; regular data backups and required restores; and security and compliance requirements. Our On-demand solutions address business challenges and purchase drivers of SMBs and mid-market enterprises. We know that you are cost-conscious and might be lacking strong IT-application-centric resources; we extend on-demand application solutions that are well fit to support web-based architectures and services.

We include channel partners such as VARs and systems integrators in the ready-to-use strategy for on-demand solutions. They provide the integration and ramp-up user adoption and productivity. We have developed support tools and methodology to help customers evaluate TCO alternatives. The particularity of our solutions does not confine to their ease-of-use, price and peculiar features/functionality. We conduct case studies and provide references, and educate our customer segment about strategies for using the new generation of powerful web-based applications for collaboration within and outside the enterprise. BigLeap's On-demand solutions support end users' business processes and integration with complementary applications. The lack of IT resources at smaller businesses calls for the need for easy and trouble free integration and we here do them for you.