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OLeap CART Store Management

OLeap Cart comes with a multiple-user, on-site Shop Manager. Sensitive information like credit card numbers is stored in Triple-DES encryption with randomly-generated and secret encryption key. This meets the requirements by merchant banks and commercial laws. Stock information, along with product details can be batch-loaded on to the site. They can be displayed to your customers automatically on the storefront. When an item is out-of-stock, you can view the re-stocking information to keep the customers in the loop.

As a product management solution this gives you the flexibility to present your catalog in a format your online shoppers will respond to. Our online catalog solutions allow yossu to present unlimited products, categories and subcategories, and our product import tool ensures easy implementation

Store Marketing Features

Integrated sales management

Orders created from OLeap Cart are immediately available to any employee - warehouse, customer service, and accounting. Order updates are instantly viewable by customers.

Cast out shipping errors

OLeap Cart eliminates errors previously caused by manually copying data such as shipping address from other programs. By pushing service as self-service to the Web, scale your business without adding new employees. Market specials to customers when they track order status - all automated and pre-set

Integrated inventory control

Stock details are always up-to-date by sales, purchasing, transfers, and transaction adjustments anywhere in your operation. Single-click publish of any item to your Web store. Showing stock availability real-time eliminates service calls.

Increase your sales

Get shoppers to add more items at checkout; OLeap Cart becomes your most valuable "salesperson". Eliminate the checkout hurdles with plenty of options.

OLeap Cart's checkout pages incorporate many error handling and automation procedures to ensure that all information collected and presented is 100% accurate. Shipping fee on a total order, either via pre-set rules by the shop owner or linkage to the real-time services is calculated automatically. State tax, country state, or county tax (zip-code dependent) is added automatically whenever applicable. The checkout is linked to a payment gateway.

Cross-sell at checkout

Sell more! Suggest accessories and add-ons at the shopping cart view. OLeap Cart built-in intelligence learns from customers buying habits to suggest accessories and add-ons by product. Set default cross- sell items for your entire Web store or specific to certain products.

Guest checkout

Shoppers can check-out without creating an account, which they often prefer. A merge feature enables you to combine accounts into a single record after multiple checkouts - to review a single record history covering multiple products or sessions.

PayPal Express checkout

Increases the trust factor; research shows companies tend to increase sales an average of 14% by just displaying the PayPal logo.

Google checkout

Another familiar, trusted resource. Customers can elect to pay using the Google Checkout site from the shopping cart page.

Live Chat

Provide visitors with immediate assistance to reduce shopping cart abandonment with LivePerson

Product or Storewide Sales

Launch sales for specific products, product categories, vendors or manufacturers, or implement a storewide sale. Allows you to accelerate sales where you want.

OLeap Cart allows you to take ad hoc offline orders (e.g. phone order or shop order) and enter the information directly on to the Shop Manager, which many of our clients found useful in maintaining the stock information. The offline ordering facility does lookup on customers and inventory and allows shop owner to process the credit card transactions from within the shop manager.