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Sales Analysis & Tracking

Number of orders

OLeap Cart allows to show information about the orders placed at your store recently. All the orders are sorted by their status (Processed, Failed/Declined, Not finished, Queued) there. You can find out how many orders of each kind you got since your last log in, today, this week and this month. You can view the detail list of the order placed the last and modify it.

You can search for your customers' orders using the built-in search engine. You can list all your orders or filter orders by certain criteria. OLeap Cart provides two types of search: basic and advanced. Basic search allows you to search for orders by the date/period when they were placed. Advanced search allows you to specify additional search parameters so the search results will be more accurate.

Number of customers

OLeap Cart enables you to manage user profiles of different account types, such as customers, administrators, and providers (X-Cart PRO).

Product views

You can see which products in a specific category were viewed during a certain period and how many times each of these products was viewed.

Category views

You can see what categories in your store were viewed the most often during a specified period. You can always find out which level of the category tree you are at and move between the levels of your category tree using the navigation bar.

Custom invoice and interface to in-house accounting systems, batch shipping label printing.

Total sales

OLeapCart allows you to see how many products were sold during a specified period.