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OLeap CART Payment Processing

OLeap Cart offers secure, real-time credit card processing and merchant account services that are tightly integrated within it.

Powerful, Secure Online Payment Processing Systems

     Accept all major credit cards

     Access transaction details, fraud and settlement functions

Optional, Secure Online Processing Systems

     Verified by Visa and MasterCard secure code

     Address verification services

Special Offers and Discounts

You can create special discounts and apply them to particular products or you could grant a certain customer a discount on all of your products. The discount rules are very flexible and allow you to create specials at will and start and stop these specials in real time to reflect any marketing you may wish to conduct.

Credit Card Processing

Included with your e-store is a secure credit card processing page and payment gateway. The secure page is designed to reflect the look and feel of your whole e-store so customers feel assured that they are still dealing with the same company.