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Why OLeap CRM?

OLeap CRM helps you in/does the following for you

Analyzing the customer-specific needs and bringing them in to your notice.

Suggests the kind of service that your customer needs.

Processing all financial dealings with your customers/agents/sub agents.

Establishing a good communication network.

Scheduling all customer related activities.

Keeping track of your previous and current activities of customer services

Attend to the queries and doubts of your customers

The main features of OLeap CRM that makes it stand out are:

Complete Freedom

A fully functional CRM system must be able to touch all parts of the business and thus must be integrated across multiple systems. There should be no costrictions in its use that might hamper the efficiecy of the user. Oleap CRM, can be easily integrated with a customer's other sysytems. It can also be customised in such a way as to solve the problems faced by individual customers and integrable with their business process.

Speed and Ease of Use

Bigleap's Oleap CRM solution is one of the eadiest softwares to learn and use. The system requirements of this package are quite standard and hence rapid results can be obtained by its use.

Rapid Deployment

Te CRM solution can be deployed and you can start working on it within a few days of your order. The product is ready to use and customers do not have to wait for months before they can accept delivery. Anyone who is interested can view the demo and if found happy with its functionality can have it working in their offices within a short period of time.

Data Security

Managing different details of their customers is one of the most difficult tasks faced by any organisation. By using OLeap CRM on Demand you pass over that burden to us. Our expert team will handle the database of your work as required and guarantee the security of your data.


Unlike some proprietary systems, OLeap CRM does not constrain you to a limited number of integration points. Our visible code provides you with complete transparency into the application and the database, so that you can integrate customer data wherever it's needed to run your business. There are no hidden fees or hidden costs, in short you get what you see and everything is transparent.


Growth is one of the constant things of most businesses nowadays and so OLeap CRM is designed to grow as your business grows. Our team of developers are always trying to add new features that may be required by an organisation as time moves on. This makes OLeap CRM a highly flexible system to have in your offices.


We at BigLeap are commited in giving our clients value for their money. With Oleap CRM you get just that. There are no hidden costs and you are guaranteed to reap the benefits of this software.


We do not turn our backs on our clients after the delivery of a product. Continuous support is something that we give along with all our products. There are many support plans available and clints can choose the on to their liking.