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Role based OLeap CRM - Sales Representatives

Mobile Access

Sales Representatives look for solutions that make their jobs easier, not more complicated. OLeap CRM allows them to access to data-online, offline, and via mobile devices-and links easily to popular tools like Microsoft Office and Outlook. It has a simple and intuitive user interface.

The following features make sales reps happy using OLeap

     The mobile platform helps your field teams deliver the goodness by keeping them in touch with the latest data, whenever and wherever they need it with complete mobile computing capabilities.

     With OLeap CRM Connect Offline facility Sales reps can manage their key customer data using the familiar, easy-to-use interface on a disconnected laptop.

Activity Management

Coordinating customer-facing activities and events is a critical part of closing business and managing customer relationships. OLeap CRM Activity Management helps your reps organized and working together so your customers receive the attention they need.

Sales Activity Tracking and Collaboration

Reps can track tasks and activities, schedule joint meetings, assign tasks to other users, and set up activity templates for frequently or automatically assigned tasks.

Sales Activity Reports

OLeap CRM optimizes the ability to see what the sales division is doing at any given time. You can generate sales activity reports and get a panoramic view of your organization's sales activities for better performance management.

Activity Scheduling

Schedule and set reminders for appointments and other activities for yourself and other users. Publish calendars for shared resources such as company or team activities.

Team Management

You can form a team for each account or opportunity as well as default sales teams by rep.

Team Roles

Assign different role for each team member (executive sponsor, product specialist, and so on). Define a different security level for each member.


     ROI Dashboards

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