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Role based OLeap CRM - Managers

Customizable Forecasting

OLeap CRMs Global, customizable forecasting capabilities give organizations clear visibility into their sales funnels and pipelines. Exact, timely forecasts of revenue and customer demand help sales increase pipeline, close more deals, bring higher profits to the company, and align expenses with revenue growth. Visibility into future product and service demand trends provides better business planning.

Sales Quotas

Define sales quotas for each sales rep and territory. Set sales pipeline targets for inside and channel sales.

Real-Time Sales Forecasts

Generate accurate, real-time sales forecasts to provide your team with a clear, reliable understanding of near-term events.

Automatic Currency Conversion

View forecasts that are automatically and instantly converted into each user's default currency. Managers and corporate executives see forecasts in the default corporate currency irrespective of the currencies assigned to underlying opportunities.

Custom Fiscal Years

Break down fiscal years, quarters, months, and weeks into non-traditional periods based on your company's financial planning requirements.

Forecast Analysis

Measure the accuracy of sales forecasts by analyzing deviations between forecast and actual.

Territory Reassignments

OLeap CRM makes territory managment easy with the ability to reassign customers from one sales rep to another when your sales team goes through a reorganization or you hire new reps. Easily change territories and override territory assignments so sales managers can retain ownership of old accounts after they change territories.

Territory-Based Lead Assignment

Set up lead queues and lead assignment rules to automatically route leads to the right sales organization and sales rep based on territory.