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Role based OLeap CRM - Customer Executives

Call Center functionality of OLeap CRM is all about speed and flexibility. As a customer service executive, you can be free from the disrupted systems that are stuck in the mud because of outdated client/server technology while your customers, keep enjoying the benefit of your service .

OLeap CRM, provides you with a 24X7, modern, multi-channel service operation. OLeap CRM is a strong and productive application for call centers and support teams of all sizes.

Customer Portal:

OLeap CRM allows your community to engage online conversation and helps you in partaking mere call deflection. It runs on the same platform as your call center, you can deliver great cross channel service.

     Help Customers Serve Themselves - OLeap CRM allows easy access to the right answers in the knowledge base. If an issue needs escalation, your agents get instant access that results in lower service costs and more satisfied customers

     Self-Service -OLeap CRM bears the flexibility to build the rich self-service experience for your customers - whether it's reporting, training, content, or anything else you can think up-all via point-and-click customization.

     Reinforce Consumer Wisdom - OLeap CRM gives you the opportunity to create a forum for customers to discuss challenges, and show them how you're responding.

Knowledge Base:

OLeap CRM allows your customers to easily search through thousands of potentials, and solutions. It delivers the right answer the to both your support agents and your self-service customers.

     Get Relevant in Real Time - OLeap CRM lessens the time for searching keywords against answers in the system. It allows you to pinpoint what's relevant to a particular customer.

     Knowledgebase analytics - OLeap CRM knowledge base analytics help you know, what works for your customers and what doesn't. You will know your missing factors before your customers figure it out for you