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OLeap CRM On-Demand

The increasing number of enterprises embracing the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, growing popularity of open source and the level of comfort with its products has led to introduction of OLeap CRM On-Demand

OLeap CRM On-Demand is a subscription-based hosted service, eliminates the need for installing and maintaining the product internally. Based on SaaS business model, OLeap CRM On-Demand includes free support and automatic upgrades of new versions.

OLeap CRM On-Demand is recommended for companies who want to process their customer information outside of their firewall and who do not have an IT staff to run their CRM system. We offer dedicated hosting capabilities through OLeap CRM On-Demand that manages upgrades and maintenance. Customers get all the benefits of hosted applications with the added flexibility to migrate from a hosted service to an appliance or on-site solution.

More Secure

OLeap CRM On-Demand delivers a more secure environment compared to other hosted CRM solutions because the data, application and API's are managed independently.

More Transparent

OLeap CRM On-Demand does not limit you with less number of integration points. You have complete transparency into the application and the database, so that you can bring together all customer data wherever it's needed to run your business.

Advanced software customization tools gains much importance in our SaaS based products. You may have unique business processes which provide competitive advantage and differentiation, and therefore will need to modify an off-the-shelf system. BigLeap's On-Demand Solution offers this with the following advantages.

     Lower total cost of ownership

     Accelerated implementation

     Budget predictability

     No more costly upgrades

     Manage local operations across multiple locations, and roll the data up for regional and global visibility in their currency of choice.

     Have the ability to adjust for currency, taxation and legal compliance differences at the local level, with regional and global business consolidation and control

     Bring a newly acquired or created subsidiary online quickly into a consolidated management view, supporting acquisition or rapid expansion of the business.

     Reduce costs by staffing operations centrally where the same employees can handle operations across multiple locations.

     Make informed executive decisions and timely course corrections with key company metrics visible and measurable in real-time across all business operations.