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OLeap CRM Sales Force Automation

An exceedingly rich sales force has an enormous impact on your company's success plan. Today's salespersons find it difficult to stand steadily amidst Continuous and Cutthroat Competition, Active Deals and Bespeaking Customers. OLeap CRM helps your company to automate sales force which is critical to your success.

With OLeap CRM, you can reap many benefits that go beyond simple prospect management and get a true customer management solution.It aligns your Sales and Marketing by integrating sales with campaigns, leads, sales, forecasts etc. and drives sales performance by allowing sales representative to track and share contacts and opportunities, manage and upsell into existing accounts, forecast revenue, monitor performance through dashboards, manage quotes and contracts, work offline through our mobile solutions and collaborate through integration with Microsoft Outlook and other groupware applications.


     Donate/receive sales info across individuals and teams.

     Give more emphasis on profitable deals.

     Deliver effective presentations and proposals to customers .

     Asses quota progress and business performance .

OLeap CRM Sales Force Automation includes the following:

     Lead Management

     Opportunity Management

     Contact Management

     Account Management