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OLeap CRM Marketing Automation

OLeap CRM closes the loop between marketing and sales. Create, execute and track campaigns across multiple channels with the campaign wizard. Develop compelling email marketing programs and capture leads directly into your CRM system with web-to-lead forms. Manage and assign leads to your sales reps and track the marketing ROI of your programs.


     Create and execute campaigns across marketing channels

     Captures leads directly into CRM System

     Provide detailed views into campaign effectiveness across marketing and sales stages

     Define campaign routing and approvals to ensure buy-in across the organization

     Benchmark campaigns to understand which campaigns produce the most revenue

OLeap CRM Marketing Automation includes the following:

     Campaign Management

     Web-to-Lead Forms

     Email Marketing

Campaign Management

Manage web media, email, newsletter subscriptions, web-casts, telesales, print advertising, TV and radio advertising. The OLeap Campaign Wizard simplifies the process of creating a campaign by walking users though a simple process that gathers all the information needed to execute a campaign. The Campaign Wizard gathers information about the marketing channel, target, program dates, budget, expected revenue and offer to ensure that campaigns are effective and measurable.


     Simplifies campaign design, execution and tracking

     Ensures proper testing, suppression, and list management

     Offers real-time activity and ROI reports

With Email Marketing, OLeap allows marketing managers to identify the correct target for a given campaign, design offers that convey the brand identity of the organization, and track the response rates once a campaign is executed.

Web-to-Lead Forms

Designed for non-technical users, OLeap CRM Web-to-Lead Forms simplify the process of capturing leads into your CRM system. By embedding a customizable form within customer-facing web sites, Web-to-Lead forms directly import campaign responses into CRM. Marketing professional can designate what kind of information they would like to capture in each form to ensure useful information is handed off to sales people for follow-up.


     Automate lead import from Web into OLeap CRM

     Presents all fields and values from the Leads module

     Offers design flexibility and lowers IT time in marketing support

Email Marketing

OLeap CRM Marketing Analytics allows companies to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns from the initial offer to a closed sales opportunity. Managers can asses the effectiveness of marketing campaigns relative to budget, channel, expected revenue and win rate to gain a full picture of how marketing programs Outcome the sales pipeline.


     Understand the ROI of marketing programs

     Track which channel is most/least profitable

     Replicate successful campaigns in a few simple steps